Asahi Famil

Asahi Famil
Details Asahi Family These are dangerous memory resident parasitic viruses. They hook INT 21h, and on file searching calls (FindFirst, AH=4Eh) they search for COM files and write themselves to the beginning of the file. The viruses intercept the execution of EXE files, and check them for “Marek Sell” text string presence. If there is such string the “Asahi.1045” virus reboots the computer, “Asahi.1061” virus erases the disk sectors and then reboots the computer. Depending on the system time and date the viruses hooks INT 08h, and in one hour they hook INT 13h and disable direct disk reading/writing. The viruses contains the encrypted text strings: “Asahi.1045”: STOP 0.01 Virus (c) Red Hacker – wersja beta “Asahi.1061”: (c) ASAHI, 17.05.1994, Zielona G┬óra

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