Details ArjRar.2821 This is a relatively harmless, non-memory resident virus-worm. It searches for ARJ and RAR archives and appends its copy to archives that are found. The virus copy in archives is stored in the format of ARJ or RAR data and has the filename RUNME.COM in ARJ archives and RUN_ME_.COM in RAR. These “run-me” files contain a copy of the virus, and upon being extracted from an infected archive, they may spread the virus code to other archives. In August, the virus drops the file PRESENT.COM, and upon being executed, it displays the following texts: Citat klasika: K anielovi chrbtom. Tak zacal som cestou hirechu ist. K anielovi chrbtom, len 12 krokov, a 12 ozvien na ne, a dosiel som tam,kam som nemal prist Dedicated to my friends Suzy&PEDRO [an ANGEL-Sign of immortality] by Blesk 8^) Present by Blesk wish You HAPPY B-DAY Suzy The virus also contains the following text strings: *.ARJ *.RAR RAR’n’ARJ Dropper by Qark/VLAD. RAR support included by Blesk

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