Details Ari.1962 It’s a not dangerous not memory resident parasitic virus. It searches for COM-files and writes itself at their ends. The infected files contain the string at their headers: Ari is a NARC With the probability 1/2 the virus displays the message: Real Name: John A. Buchanan Alias: Page, Jimmy Page, Aristotle Home Phone: (804) 595-2672 Work Phone: (804) 857-6000 BBS Phone: Black Axis, (804) 599-4152 Address: 502 Hammond Street City/State: Newport News, Virginia Employer: Information Technology Solutions Work Loc: 2551 East Elthoma InMode: Unstable, Insecure ExMode: Egoist, Braggart Motivation: Power (or the appearance thereof) Intelligence: Average (below average for computer underground) Please Press Any Key To Continueall……. Details: John A. Buchanan, better known as Aristotle (or ARiSToTLE), is a member of the ever-degrading Virus eXchange (VX) underground. Not a programmer of any degree himself, he has relied on his mouth to gain a name in the scene. Aristotle runs a BBS system dedicated to exchanging viruses, and claims to be a member of NuKE, an elite underground group with a partial focus in viruses. NuKE, however, seems to view him as a pest – at best. For an occasional power-trip, Aristotle has been known to post real information, including name, phone, etc. of virus writers to attempt to scare them. He has allegedly given the same information to law-enforcement agencies on several occasions, and seems to have been the cause of several people’s arrests. This is the only way, it seems, that he can feel that he has any power. He is also commonly inciting flame wars (arguments on a very base level) for a similar purpose. Please Press Any Key To Continue……….

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