Details Argentina.1249 This is a memory resident not dangerous virus which hooks INT 21h and writes itself into the beginning of .COM-files (except COMMAND.COM) when they are started. During infection the virus creates the file MOM.MOM, writes itself into this file, appends a file getting infection to MOM.MOM, deletes the file and renames the MOM.MOM to the file name. If the COMMAND.COM is started the virus checks the current date and on May, 25th, on June, 20th, on July, 9th, on August, 17th the virus types one of the messages: 25 de Mayo Declaración de la independencia Argentina 20 de Junio Dia de la bandera Argentina 9 de Julio Dia de la independencia Argentina 17 de Agosto Aniversario de la defunción del Gral. San Martin Then virus types: Argentina Virus escrito por AfA – Virus benigno – ENET 35 Pulse una tecla para continuarall This virus also contains the texts: “Argentina Virus 1.00”, “COMMANDCOM”, “:MOM.MOM”.

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