Details Apocalipse.1685 It is a dangerous memory resident encrypted parasitic virus. It traces INT 13h, 21h, hooks INT 21h and writes itself to the end of COM and EXE files that are executed. While installing into the system memory it also infects the C:\DOS\MODE.COM file. The virus writes the counter into hard drive sector and increases that counter each time the virus installs itself into the memory. After 100 installation the virus corrupts CMOS and MBR of the hard drive, and displays: Apocalipse 2.0 por M.A.C. Isto é um vírus – afaste-se do computador, sen¦o constipa-se ! Boa sorte nas reparaç_es – nada está perdidoall Também, andavas a trabalhar demais – aproveita para descansar ! Lembra-te: coisas destas só ajudam a formar caracter – n¦o, n¦o precisas de agradecer, é um prazer ajudar… Voltarei… Preme uma tecla

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