AntiPascal Famil

AntiPascal Famil
Details AntiPascal Family These are dangerous not memory resident parasitic viruses that contaminate or corrupt not more than two files in all directories on the current disk and C: disk. Searching for noninfected files, the viruses use recursive traversal of the directory tree. They contaminate .COM-, .BAK- and .PAS-files. In case of .COM-file, the viruses write themselves at the end of a file (versions of the viruses with lengths 400, 407, 440 and 480) or at the beginning (all other versions of the viruses). When infecting .BAK and .PAS-files the viruses write themselves at the beginning of a file, not saving the old beginning, i.e. the file is damaged irreversibly. Some of the virus versions rename .BAK- and .PAS-files to .EXE. “AntiPascal.407” deletes *.?A? and *.SYS files, it contains the internal string: “COSMIC-1”.

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