Anti-AVP Famil

Anti-AVP Famil
Details Anti-AVP Family These are dangerous parasitic viruses. They corrupt AVP set file and force AVP ver. 2.x to detect viruses in wrong way or corrupt files while scanning them. To do that the viruses drops AVP ver. 2.x databases (the viruses keep these bases in their bodies) and modify AVP.SET file (list of AVP databases). Anti-AVP.959 It is a nonmemory resident virus. It searches for COM files, then for C:\DOS\FORMAT.COM file, then writes itself to the end of the file. The virus writes the string “KRN386.AVB” to AVP.SET file, creates the KRNL386.AVB file and writes AVP database to there. AVP then will not detect the viruses and delete the files F-*.*, TBSCAN*.* and SCAN*.*. The virus contains the text strings: AVp.SeT KRN386.AVB kRn386.aVb *.cOm c:\DoS\fORmaT.cOM [AVP-Aids, Tcp / 29A] AVP Aids! Anti-AVP.1235 It is a memory resident virus. It hooks INT 21h and writes itself to the end of COM files that are executed. The virus inserts the line “BIZATCH.AVB” into AVP.SET file, creates the BIZATCH.AVB file and writes AVP database to there. When AVP is run, it loads that database and will detect “Win95.Boza” virus as “Bizatch_:P”. The virus contains the text strings: [AntiCARO, by Mister Sandman/29A] Please note: the name of this virus is [AntiCARO] written by Mister Sandman of 29Aall but… dear Bontchy… name it however *you* (and not CARO) want, as usual; we just don’t mind your childish stupidity 🙂 avp.set BIZATCH.AVB bizatch.avb Bizatch_:P Fuck you, Bontchy

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