Details Animals.2400.a These are benign memory resident polymorphic parasitic viruses. They do not install themselves memory resident if TBAV anti-virus TSR drivers are installed. The viruses hook INT 8 and 21h, and write themselves to the end of COM and EXE files that are executed. The viruses do not infect files if the file name contains the letters AV or AN (AVP, NAV, SCAN). They also do not infect anti-virus programs GUARD and F-PROT as well as KRNL?86 and several other utilities. Depending on its random counter and system timer, the viruses cause the screen to blink. On the 25th of any month, except June, the viruses display the following message: Toto je ostrá verze viru ANIMALS_97 Zastavte t rání zví at, sic se Vám to jednou v echno vrátí !!! Zlej Králík Zdravím: Mloka, Filtráka, POPa a v echny p+kn holky. The viruses also contain the text strings: TBMEMXXXTBCHKXXXTBDSKXXXTBFILXXX -Díky V vojár

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