Details Anarchy.9382 This is a benign memory resident parasitic virus. It hooks INT 9, 21h, 28h and writes itself at the end of COM (except COMMAND.COM) and EXE files that are executed or closed. The header of the infected COM files contain the text strings: VIVAT EGOR LETOV !!! All infected files contain the not encrypted ID-string at their ends: UNFORGIVON On 32nd infection the virus displays one of the messages and halts the system: NEVOR FREE, NEVOR ME. SO I DUB THEE UNFORGIVON On pressing [Alt]-[GreyMinus] this virus calls the trigger routine that emulates the file shell a’la Norton Commander and allows to copy, move, delete the files and subdirectories and so on. That routine displays the menu like this one: 3584000

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