Amz famil

Amz famil
Details Amz family These are dangerous non-memory resident viruses. They search for COM and EXE files, and write themselves at their ends. The viruses alter the first 13h bytes of a COM file with the commands to jump to the virus body. These viruses contain the word “AMZ”. They erase the FAT sectors of the logical drives from A: to Z: (if they are present): “Amz.600” – operates if the day of the week corresponds to the day of the month “Amz.789” – on September 24th from 0:00 till 7:00 am “Amz.801” – on February 13th at 13:00 “Amz.1100” – on March 1st and September 13th at 10:00 “Amz.682” is benign, and it displays: “-Zero-“. “Amz.1100” erases CMOS and creates the BOPS-BOP.S file.

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