Details Amuck.3184.a It is a very dangerous memory resident partly encrypted parasitic virus. It hooks INT 21h and then writes itself to the end of COM and EXE files that are accessed by FindFirst/Next DOS functions. Before return to the host program the virus infects the C:\COMMAND.COM file. The virus erases the files SMARTCHK.CPS, CHKLIST.CPS and CHKLIST.MS. Depending on the system date the virus erases the hard drive sectors or hooks INT 10h and cancels switching to some video modes. Depending on its counters the virus displays the message: Please do not restart the computer, because I do not want to kill myself. You do understand this, don’t you? Make sure your fingers are away from the computer. Mistakes are terrible. Searching: then searches for BAT, PAS, PRG, CPP, DOC, GIF, PAK, DAT, BAK, DBF, C, SYS, WPS and INI files on disks from C: till Z: and overwrites them with the message: Don’t look at me! I am killed and eaten. Then the virus displays the message and reboots the computer: Thank you for having waited so long. Thank you for the decilious food. Now, I am going to have a long sleep. GOOD-BYE! My friend In some cases the virus erases the hard drive sectors and displays the message: Ha! Ha! Be proud of your clever action! I am amuck when I am in hunger! It is you who have killed me and killed yourself! YOUR LUCK IS OVER!

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