Amstrad Famil

Amstrad Famil
Details Amstrad Family This family comprises not memory resident dangerous parasitic viruses. Common features are as follows: all .COM-files in the current directory are infected; virus writes itself at the beginning of the file; reinfection is possible; files of large length may be deleted; the string “*.COM” present in the virus body. Some versions of the viruses show themselves up soon: from the fifth “generation” of the viruses, as an infected program is started, with the probability of 1/2 the following message appears on the screen: “Program sick error: Call doctor or buy PIXEL for cure description”. Some versions of the viruses display the texts: “Amstrad.257,275”: Fucking hell:You wet pussy “Amstrad.283”: What a stupid you are !!!!!!!! “Amstrad.296”: En tu PC hay un virus RV1, y esta es su quinta generacion “Amstrad.299.b”: Software Failure. Task Held. Guru Meditation #456789:#34567????? “Amstrad.837”: I love you so much!!! — Francis “Amstrad.847.b”: Buy AMSTRAD it is THE CHEAPEST COMPUTER thatyou can buy THE END IS NEAR!! THE SIGNS OF THE BEAST ARE EVERYWHERE!! Hello, John Mcafee,please uprade me.Bests regards,Jean Lu “Amstrad.847.c”: En tu PC hay un virus RV1, ├ęsta es su quinta generaci├│n “Amstrad.877”: Sector not found error fucking defoult drive! Please buy me a new disk drive! “Amstrad.899”: COMMAND.COM Fucking Hell: What a smelly ass hole!!Do you want to fuck it!!! “Amstrad.936” (this message is displayed on April, 1st): Fucking Hell: What a smelly ass hole!!Do you want to fuck it!!! HaHaHaall What a Good Friday!! Some of the versions display a political slogan in Bulgarian. “Amstrad.761” contains the internal text: “LiquidCode”. “Amstrad.1268,1271” display the message “ENTER THE PASSWORD:” and wait for input “Ken Sent Me”. If the input is not correct, the viruses type “YOU HAVE ENTERED THE WRONG PASSWORD!!” and return to DOS. They contain the internal text also: “PreComFileRunSyndrome 1993”.

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