Details Ace.1872 It is a very dangerous memory resident encrypted parasitic virus. Being executed the virus hooks INT 22h, returns the control to the host program, wait for termination of that program, then traces and hooks INT 21h and stays memory resident. Then the virus writes itself to the end of COM files that are executed and to OBJ files that are opened. The virus infects OBJ files that are to be linked to EXE files, and replaces the entry point of EXE files with the instruction CALL_Virus. The virus checks the names of COM files and does not infect C*.* and W*.* files. While executing W*.* files the virus depending on the system date erases that file, displays the message and reboot the computer: This program wastes a lot of memory, SYSTEM HALTEDall The virus also contains the text strings: OBJ (C) Ace of Spades , Kiev-1995… Don’t be a snub – enjoy yourself!

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