Details 4Seasons.1534 It is a very dangerous memory resident parasitic virus. It hooks INT 13h, 14h, 21h and writes itself to the beginning of COM-files (except COMMAND.COM) that are executed. The virus deletes the CHKLIST.CPS file. Depending on the system time the virus erases the *.DAT files, or disables printing. Depending on its internal counters the virus disables Create/Delete Directory and Set Time/Date DOS-functions, slows down PC, erases disk sectors. The virus contains the text strings, the last one is encrypted: .dat chklist.cps COMMAND * THE FOUR SEASONS VIRUS * (C) WET, PARIS 1991 * I HAD MUCH FUN WRITING THIS VIRUS, I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN WITH IT TOO!! * MES AMITIES A PATRICIA M., JE T’EMBRASSE TRES FORT ET JE PENSE A TOI *

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