More on Protecting Kids on the Web

The number of crimes against teenagers that use the Internet is downright disturbing. Cybercrimes affect more than 556 million people every year, which is a humongous number of people. Teenagers and young children fall victim to crimes such as cyberbullying, identity theft and sexual crimes. Teens and their parents can take certain steps to lessen the chances of becoming victims. The following are four tips that can help protect children who use the net:

Educate the Children About Cybercrimes

The first step in preventing a child from becoming an Internet crime victim is educating him or her about the crimes. Many children fall victim to predators because they do not know what to expect when they go online. Parents should speak with teens and young children about the different ways that someone can take advantage of them if they are not careful. The most common types of Internet crimes are ones that involve breach of trust and manipulation. Not everyone on the Internet is a friend. People need to explain that to their children.

Use Parent Controls

A parent can add parent controls to just about every Internet browser by way of an extension download. They are very easy to use, and parents can activate them before they allow their children to surf online. A computer user can find parent controls on their Microsoft powered units, as well. Microsoft offers a “family safety” feature that filters the games, websites and applications that are inappropriate for young children. Microsoft’s comprehensive family safety feature allows parents to obtain reports of their children’s activities, as well.

Monitor the Children Personally

Parents can monitor their children to ensure that they are engaging in wholesome behavior. Not all children will appreciate being watched by their parents, but the extra step can spare them a world of trouble. Parents should never assume that their children cannot fall victim to manipulation or trickery. Predators are always on the prowl looking for any hole of vulnerability that they can enter.

Be Careful About Sharing Personal Information

Finally, parents should inform children to limit the personal information that they share with people on the Internet. Crimes such as identity theft occur because children trust people with sensitive information like addresses, birth dates, social security numbers and even passwords.

The Internet can still be a place that young people can receive a benefit. Parents just have to stay alert and never sleep on the evils that exist in the world.